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Manoel Theatre

Musical Performances and Theatre

As the official opening day for the European Capital of Culture is approaching various events and activities are happening around Malta, especially in the capital city of Valletta. Valletta 2018 aims to bring, even the..

The Festa in Malta

The Festa is here! Valletta 2018 is kicking off its celebrations with the traditional and local festa experience. The capital will be transformed into one big festivity, bringing diverse themes and activities onto Valletta’s streets.

Ever wished upon a shooting star? It’s your chance now!

Nothing is more peaceful than lying on your back on a warm summer night, gazing up at the stars, and seeing a meteor fly past you. La Notte di San Lorenzo is an opportunity for you to enjoy large arcs of light and colour which are called ‘fireballs’. 150 or more meteors can be visible [...]

Places to visit in Malta

What to see in Malta and places to visit in Malta? There is always activity around the Maltese Islands. What to see in Malta – Events relating to the arts, music, culture, sports, entertainment, theatre,..

In Guardia Parade – All year round

The In Guardia Parade  is a re-enactment that portrays an authentic event that took place regularly inside important military fortifications in Malta and Gozo. The re-enactment portrays a historical re-enactment of a full 16th century..

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