Jonathan Pigao Saves the Day

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On Thursday 27th August 2020, Jonathan Pigao logged in to work, thinking it was going to be a normal working day. Little did he know, that he would leave the day a hero!


Mr Pigao, Supervisor at AX Group, was by the pool when he witnessed an incident that involved one of our guests. A few of our guests at the Luzzu Lido were having fun by the pool when one of them slipped into the lido and was struggling to swim back up. Jonathan, being the quick thinker that he is, jumped into the pool to rescue him. Seeing that the guest was unconscious, Jonathan performed CPR, while an ambulance was called to the premises.


The guest was admitted to hospital and discharged the next day. Without Jonathan’s intervention, our guest would have lost his life.


Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of Hospitality and Care, claims that ‘we are very grateful for having honourable and dedicated employees like Jonathan. Without his quick thinking and capabilities, this story would have taken a different turn. We cannot thank you enough, Jonathan’.


Mr Joseph Vella, General Manager of AX Hotels Qawra claims that ‘Jonathan is a valuable asset to the team and in the past few months, he has also shown how committed he is to our company by volunteering to join the team at Hilltop Gardens during lockdown due to COVID-19. We are very grateful for Jonathan’s contribution, especially for performing his heroic act’.


Thank you, Jonathan, for saving the day – you truly are a hero!