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Lido Membership

Conditions of Lido Membership

Application for Membership must be made on the official application form and must be accompanied by a recent passport-size photo and the appropriate fee.

  • Membership is valid for the agreed period from the date of payment of the fee.
  • Membership is NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • The Membership Card is a means of entry to the Lido ONLY. Certain payment for the use of the facilities must be made on each occasion of use.
  • Betting of all kinds is strictly prohibited in the Lido.
  • The making of unnecessary noise and the use of radio sets and musical instruments are strictly prohibited in the Club.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Lido.
  • VIP Beds are not included in the membership. Extra charges apply.
  • No camera or other photographic apparatus may be brought into the Lido for commercial purposes without prior permission of the Management. Cameras may be brought into the Lido for private use provided that no nuisance or annoyance is thereby caused.
  • Members are admitted to the Lido at their own risk. The Management will accept no responsibility for accidents within the club or on its approaches and will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to property or persons however these may occur.
  • Children under 16 years are to be supervised at all times. Children under 16 years are not allowed in the Jacuzzi.
  • Swimming at your own risk.
  • Food and Beverages other than those bought on the premises are not allowed in the Lido.
  • The Management reserves the right at all times to refuse or restrict entry of Members to the Lido or any part of it.  It also reserves the right to evict from the Lido a member who refuses to comply with the conditions or who misconducts himself or in any way causes danger or annoyance to other persons and in such circumstances to withdraw without refund of the Membership Card fee.
  • The Management shall have the right to declare facilities and equipment unfit for use due to unforeseen circumstances. The Management will do its utmost to avoid such inconvenience and in addition will issue, whenever possible, prior notice to members when the closure of the Lido is advisable and when different opening and closing times from normal are to be operational.
  • A Membership Card is not a means of administration to events to which the public is admitted. Admission tickets for these events must be bought in advance or payment made at Reception.
  • Members shall not cause damage to or misuse the Lido or any of its equipment and shall be responsible for the cost of any loss or damage caused by them (damage to equipment by wear and tear or by accident in the course of proper use always excepted).
  • Membership of the Lido can be refused by the Management without stating any reasons. If money has been enclosed with the application form, the money will immediately be sent back to anyone who has been refused Membership.

The Membership Card issued by the Lido together with the I.D. Card of the Member must be shown at Reception on each and every visit.