New Year’s Eve Gala Buffet Dinner

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Pop, Fizz & Clink!

Hold onto the good that this year has brought and let go of what no longer serves you. Tomorrow is the first page of a new chapter! Welcome the New Year with a pop, fizzle & clink of your glass at the New Year’s Eve Gala Buffet Dinner at Coral Cove restaurant!

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Antipasti & Salads

Indulge in our incredible selection of mouth-watering salads and platters from both sea and land, prepared by our Larder Chef using the freshest and best raw produce, combining both local and international flavours all complemented with our homemade selection of infused oils, chutneys and vinaigrettes.


Japanese Delight

An assortment of Sushi, Nigiri and Maki rolls, served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.


Seafood & Shellfish

A vast selection of Seafood including King Prawns, Poached Salmon, Marinated Octopus, Black shell Mussels, baby clams, Razor Clams, Marinated Sardine fillets and Fish Terrines.


Charcuterie Table

A selection of Italian Fine cuts including ‘Prosciuto’, Bresaola, Salami Napoli, Salami Milano, Mortadella Regina, Spanish chorizo and Smoked sausages. A selection of In-house cured Meat Terrines, Peppered Roast Beef & Stuffed Chicken Breast.


Soup Tureen

Seafood ‘bouillabaisse’ served with herb focaccia

Porcini, potato and leek soup


Fresh Pasta Live station

Calamari, baby prawns and lobster bisque risotto

Garganelli pasta with thyme, beef fillet, porcini mushrooms, peas and truffle cream

Gnocchi tossed with grilled vegetables, pesto Genovese, tomato and parmesan cheese (v)


The Carvery and Live Cooking Station

Roast fillet of beef wellington, wrapped in pate, ham hock, duxelles of mushrooms, crispy mille-feuille pastry, served with a port wine jus

Roast leg of lamb rubbed with rosemary and rock salt, mint gravy

Grilled chicken thighs served with oyster mushroom and brandy cream sauce

Roast fondant potatoes with garlic & thyme


Taste of France

Pan fried sea bream fillets set on a bed of spinach and red capsicum, Champagne beurre blanc

Seared duck breast with orange, honey and aniseed sauce, red cabbage and dried fruits

Buttered ‘Bouquetiere’ of vegetables


Mexican Table

Chilli con carne and red kidney beans served with rice

Tacos filled with pulled pork and topped with melted cheese

Spicy Fish and shell fish stew


Indian Table

Chicken tikka masala

Lamb madras served with cardamom steam rice

Accompanied by crispy poppadum’s and mango chutney


Main Courses

Seared grouper fillets with fennel, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and a marjoram salsa

Broccoli florets, spring onions, cheddar cheese tart (V)

Cauliflower & broccoli with cheese sauce

Baked new potatoes


Cheese Table

A selection of international and local cheeses, ‘parmigiana’, brie, Red Leicester cheese, herbal feta, Mexican cheese, gorgonzola accompanied by grapes, dried fruits, Maltese savoury
Biscuits and grissini


Dessert Section

A wide selection of desserts, cakes and pies that features all the traditional goodies of the season, complemented with pancake station, fruit sauces, compote, freshly carved fruit and ice-cream


Inclusive of Sauvignon blanc, Shiraz and Rose Wine, soft drinks, water and hot beverages


Adults: €70.50 per person
Children (5-11 years): €35.00 per person


Starting from 19:00HRS.

Happy New Year from AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest. Wishing you a poptastic #AXperience this festive season!

Valid for Christmas Season 2020.