Spending a Day in Gozo

Things to do during a day in Gozo: Beaches, Diving, Sightseeing and More


Gozo, the sister island is less than thirty minutes away from Malta to Gozo ferry. The counter-island is known to be the greener and quieter of the two. There are a lot of things to do in Gozo so if you’re on a holiday on the island, you should definitely visit this tiny gem. You will not regret it.


Here is our list of the top things to do in Gozo.


Visit the Most Scenic Gozo Beaches

Gozo is known for its natural beauty and its beaches are one of them. There are a number of scenic Gozo beaches that you can visit. One of the most popular ones is Ramla il-Hamra – known for its reddish sand and majestic sea. Another beautiful bay can be found at San Blas. It’s not the easiest to get there but the beach is definitely worth it.

Gozo Cliffs

Experience Diving in Gozo

Both Malta and Gozo are popular for its diving spots but this sister island, in particular, may take the spotlight on this one. Diving in Gozo is spectacular. There are a variety of places which you can explore the deep blue sea. Dive in and experience it with your own eyes!


Take Note of the History and Architecture of the Island

Gozo is brimming with history and architecture. Explore the newly refurbished Citadel and the infamous church of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu, amongst others. It’s beneficial to explore Gozo at its roots to know where the island is coming from

Ta Pinu Church

Enjoy Dining in Gozo

There are a variety of places in Gozo where you can enjoy a relaxing dinner. Popular areas are Xlendi, Marsalforn, Mgarr, Qbajjar, and more. Whether it’s trying out Maltese food or you feel like the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, dining in Gozo has it all.


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Photo Credits go to Viewing Malta

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