Ever wished upon a shooting star? It’s your chance now!

Look up at the stars!


Nothing is more peaceful than lying on your back on a warm summer night, gazing up at the stars, and seeing a meteor fly past you. La Notte di San Lorenzo is an opportunity for you to enjoy large arcs of light and colour which are called ‘fireballs’. 150 or more meteors can be visible in an hour at the peak of this meteor shower… just don’t blink!


This phenomenon occurs every year between 17th July and 24th August. The shower tends to peak between the 9th and the 13th August.


Associations such Earth Systems Association, Science Student Society, The Astronomical Society of Malta and the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy are organising events for a relaxing night under the stars.


Unfortunately, as exciting as it sounds, this year there would be a Gibbous Moon present and so there will be some interference from its light that will make it more difficult to see meteors. If you plan to go see these shooting stars, sit within a moon shadow, the shadow of a building or row of trees, or an open view of the sky, this will help you see the meteors much clearer!


Although early evenings seem to be impossible times to view these shooting stars, you might be lucky to catch an earthgrazer. This is a long, slow and colourful meteor travelling horizontally across the sky. They tend to be rare but definitely memorable!

Gibbous Moon

Last year marked a record of double the amount of meteors seen by observers around the world.


…try not to fall asleep and don’t forget to make a wish!

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