Kelly Sloan in Malta

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Kelly Sloan gives us insight into her life as a musician, her time spent in Malta and her stay at the AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest!


Born in Toronto, Canada, Kelly Sloan is a singer/songwriter and has been writing songs for over 10 years. She has released 4 albums and has toured around Canada and Europe. At the moment, Kelly is working on a new album to further her career.


‘I didn’t have plans of becoming a musician. In fact, I went to University to study International Development but my mum always said that I was constantly singing around the house!’. Even though her family is not from a musical background, they always encouraged her to do music. The only musical talent in her family comes from her grandfather who played the violin in Belfast Philharmonic Orchestra.


Kelly didn’t have a map on how to navigate in the music industry. However, she says that this is satisfying in its own way because ‘I got to experience it and do it all on my own and be proud of that. I’d like to think that I get better and better with my music. The most recent album is my favourite. It’s called Big Deal and it’s all about being a songwriter. The word big deal can be interpreted in different ways and its meaning changes depending on the way you say it. Being a musician identifies with both ways of saying it. Travelling the world is a big deal but being a musician is hard too – it’s difficult to build a home and a life when you’re constantly touring to try and build your career. Big Deal is about being human’.

Kelly Sloan

Despite the hardships, Kelly loves being a musician. ‘I have the option of not being a musician but I choose to do this. It’s a very rich and rewarding life. I get to travel and discover new places. I would say the best thing is the freedom and being responsible for your own career. I’m able to be creative every day. Sometimes you might view this as a struggle but this career pushes me to be independent and resourceful’. The proudest moment in Kelly’s career is not necessarily a big show. ‘I love it when one person listens the whole time at a busy concert and I’m able to connect with someone through my music’.


When asked about her role models, Kelly responds in the humblest way. ‘I look up to musicians like Nina Simone and others, but with regards to personal connections, I look up to my mum and grandma. My mum was a single mum and she worked really hard every day of her life. I learnt a lot about life from her. They are both strong women who learnt how to survive in difficult circumstances’.


So, how did Kelly Sloan end up in Malta? ‘I use my music to go to places that I wouldn’t go to normally. I knew about Malta from a previous boyfriend! He had moved to Malta to play on the football team. It happened that recently I was planning to tour Sicily and Italy and noticed that Malta was very close. Everyone seems very friendly here and it feels safe. The weather is PERFECT and everyone works hard but also enjoys their social life as well!’.


And your stay at the AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest? ‘The AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest is very comfortable and everyone was very helpful. The highlight was the breakfast – it’s the BIGGEST breakfast I’ve ever seen. There were a few days I didn’t even leave the hotel at all because I didn’t have to!’.


Kelly Sloan is working on a new album and she is planning to come back to Europe in November and do a tour in January.


Hopefully, we’ll see you again in Malta and at the AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest, Kelly!


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